West Lafayette School Board: Quick Campaign Finance Report


Just a note in case anyone wants to know about the big money being spent on my School Board race. The campaign finance rules for school board state that you don’t have to file a report unless you receive more than $500 or spend more than $500. I’ve done neither. But, if someone wants to know the extent of my finances:

On the expenditure side, I’ve spent just under $165 on Facebook and Instagram ads.

My share of some signs showing all four of the WLEA endorsed candidates constitutes a “gift-in-kind” of $332.

My wife added the school board section onto my website which I believes falls under the category of “personal services of a volunteer who is not being compensated” and, therefore, not a contribution.

And, I used yard signs I had in my basement from 2016.

I’m a high roller.

Doug Masson

Doug Masson

Father. Husband. Hoosier. Lawyer. Candidate.

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